Gouache painting

Finished 11.12.2020

41.8 x 14.5 cm

What's Thine is Mine - 1

Please don’t ask me why I decided to paint knives. I honestly don’t remember why this was the subject, BUT I can defend it. This happened to be a bit of a challenge when it came to variety. I didn’t want to just recreate the same kind of knife each time, so I had to come up with new appealing shapes. I mean, the honeycomb handle would be pretty uncomfortable to hold – you can tell that was when my creativity strained a bit.

What's Thine is Mine - 2
What's Thine is Mine -3
What's Thine is Mine - 4
What's Thine is Mine - 5

I painted the knives right to left. This is because I’m left-handed, and the amount of times I’ve accidentally rested my wrist in something I’ve just painted is excruciatingly annoying. You can tell how I improved as the contrast gets increasingly more exaggerated as I’m still figuring out how it all works. At the end I edited the first one I did as it just didn’t quite fit with the rest. It’s interesting how much you can improve in just 6 small paintings. I really don’t like the coloured outline around each knife, but I think I did it to cover up smudges. Smudges are the WORST.

The title What’s Thine is Mine doesn’t really relate to the knives themselves – it’s just that my brother started to bother me as I was painting and somehow we got onto the subject of the different variations of ‘you’ and ‘yours’ (ye, thee, thou, thy, thine). The example on Google for thine was “what’s mine is thine”. I liked it so I wrote it down on my page. It seemed more fitting to change it to “what’s thine is mine” and that’s all there is to it.

What's Thine is Mine - 6
What's Thine is Mine - 7