Ciara Symons

I am a young adult with a passion for storytelling in all its forms. This site is a space for me to celebrate and explore my creativity. You’ll be able to find original poetry collated for easy access. I also write some more casual pieces about my hobbies and interests. From time to time, I will be sharing art I’m working on along with some comments about it.

girl in yellow

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notes from a neverheard

One of my highlights from 2020 was putting together my first collection of poetry. Notes from a Neverheard consists of 12 poems. Each varies in theme, length and atmosphere. However, mythological symbolism links many of the poems together, such as The Laconic, Oh, How Beauty Suffers, and The Ninth Muse. At the moment I am working on a new, larger collection that also includes some creative writing. For updates, follow me on social media (links at the top of the page).

“You’ll never be the loudest voice.

We’re all neverheards.”

10 of swords
the high priestess

In a room with you

     your aura floods over me;

I am quiet,

                   I am calm,

I am in a dwelling of the


When I write poetry, I rarely know where it’s going to go. But half the fun is stringing words together to explain an odd feeling or thought that had no words. That’s how I see poetry – explaining what we thought couldn’t be described. It’s quite like making pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, and then finding how they fit together from there.

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When it comes to making art, my primary focus is being experimental. I love pushing myself to produce weird new artworks. I challenge myself to go outside my comfort zone. In the past, I have made several sculptures, each different from the last. The medium I am most comfortable with is grey lead as I value the high contrast it gives an illustration. I appreciate painting as it forces me to think about a plan of action for each piece.

black background 2
black background 1
black background

My art style tends to vary a lot. This is because I try seeing what I am capable of creating, and figuring out what aesthetics I enjoy producing.

red abstract2
the devil2

“Every toss,

every scratch

and every tear.”

ghost cat

“The masks we adorn and endure..”

I’m always working on something, whether that’s small sketches or large poetic projects. Follow me on social media to see what I’m currently up to, as well as receiving updates about the website.

I had the opportunity and the privilege of having my own poetry and prose included in the book The Language of Hope by Jeanette Pritchard. The work analyses society and makes a call to action to build a better future for young people. I had the honour of being the voice for the young. The book includes 3 of my poems, Roaring Twenties, Compromise and Three Greek Ladies, ready to be revived, as well an essay called Observations from yours truly, a Youth. > Website


“a tale laced with enchantment”