This is a space for me to share works and sketches I’ve done over the years.

I also post artworks onto my Instagram account.


Graphite pencil illustration 28.06.21 This artwork began as part of my Unit 3 folio for VCE studio arts. I was researching myths, and vaguely remembered one explaining why ravens had black [...]

Night Fae

Gouache painting Started and finished 10.12.2020 13.2 x 14 cm I have a tendency to despise an art medium that I try for the first time. Then I stew on it a bit, holding [...]


Soap stone sculpture finished 08.06.2020 3.5 x 4 x 7 cm Whilst ‘Commenticus’ sounds like an over the top title for such a small sculpture, it’s Latin for “invented, devised, fabricated, imaginary”. [...]


Scratchboard 2.06.2018 15.8 x 10.8 cm (including frame) I don’t remember making this one. Which is a shame because WOW I love it a little too much. I did do the [...]

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