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Superb Blue Fairy Wrens

pastel drawing photocopied and printed onto wooden block 2013 13.1 x 13 cm Acrylic paint on canvas 15.08.2017 14.8 x 14.7 cm 4 years difference. I don’t tend to like looking back at my old artwork because... ah... yikes. I always nitpick it, which in a way is good because it shows I’ve grown and developed [...]

Superb Blue Fairy Wrens2021-09-27T09:52:29+10:00

Mother, guess who we killed today

We never fought against titans We never fought against trolls We never fought against tyrants We fought Amongst ourselves When the sky swept Behind darkness The wife, she said farewell She wailed for the world To go silent But we were deaf As we Fought Amongst ourselves. She was LIFE Herself, You see; Dressed in white (spattered red). She tried to sing as a siren, But [...]

Mother, guess who we killed today2021-01-27T12:38:40+11:00

Practicing Figure

White earthenware clay 19.11.2019 7.4 x 10.2 x 5.5 cm Clay is hard. Clay is almost too hard to work with. For a long time, I could not forgive clay after this artwork. When I made this sculpture, I made another one that was slightly larger - 14.5cm rather than the 10.2cm this one is. Apparently, that makes [...]

Practicing Figure2021-09-05T13:06:27+10:00

Night Fae

Gouache painting Started and finished 10.12.2020 13.2 x 14 cm I have a tendency to despise an art medium that I try for the first time. Then I stew on it a bit, holding a kind of vendetta against it because its “ridiculously fickle”, to which I inevitably cave and end up try to get good at it. Then I fall in [...]

Night Fae2021-09-05T17:51:47+10:00

A Colossal

Fired white clay and terracotta encased in epoxy casting resin 2020 Large piece – 9 x 21.5 x 4.2 cm, small piece – 4.5 x 9 x 1.8 cm I had an idea mid way through this year, and I was so excited about it that I emailed my studio arts teacher to see if the concept was actually [...]

A Colossal2021-09-29T16:16:48+10:00

The silent ones


The silent ones2021-01-27T12:37:24+11:00

Wedge-Tailed Eagle

Soap stone sculpture Finished 08.10.2019 4.7 x 6 x 12.4 cm This artwork was my first-time using stone, so shifting from my comfort zone of 2D drawing to 3D carving was quite the challenge. It was highly enjoyable, and a somewhat therapeutic experience. I did this at school, and I can remember the classroom being quiet and calm (an unusual occurrence) as [...]

Wedge-Tailed Eagle2021-09-05T17:59:33+10:00

Minos, that Cretan

The labyrinth was never victor-less. But it was never victimless either; ( How many? ) Countless corpses Mauled by just one minotaur. Was Daedalus a victim to? Victim to the greed Of a king? Victim to one’s own need to Show off? Or perhaps Minos was done wrong too? Victim to his own greed, An accident to piss off Poseidon? A colossal catastrophe from such a [...]

Minos, that Cretan2021-07-05T13:38:15+10:00


Soap stone sculpture finished 08.06.2020 3.5 x 4 x 7 cm Whilst ‘Commenticus’ sounds like an over the top title for such a small sculpture, it’s Latin for “invented, devised, fabricated, imaginary”. This links with my intention for the artwork. The piece was for a school project. We basically got to do anything, so I decided to explore the idea [...]



Scratchboard 2.06.2018 15.8 x 10.8 cm (including frame) I don’t remember making this one. Which is a shame because WOW I love it a little too much. I did do the one thing that’s frowned upon in the art world though – I traced a photo of a raccoon to get the right proportions. All I did was draw [...]

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