We never fought against titans

We never fought against trolls

We never fought against tyrants

We fought

Amongst ourselves

When the sky swept

Behind darkness

The wife, she said farewell

She wailed for the world

To go silent

But we were deaf

As we


Amongst ourselves.

She was

LIFE Herself,

You see;

Dressed in white

(spattered red).

She tried to sing as a siren,

But our harpy cries

Drowned the air.

She used to wear flowers

  • A crown of geraniums

Colour coordinated with her sweet

Strawberry hair.

She smiled when she saw us

Sending letters to our soulmates.

She made it fashionable

To write shoddy love poems and pieces

About anything

  • Everything –

Our everything’s.

We used to be lovers of


When did this tire use?

Or was it always

a fleeting hobby we

used to distract us

from our swords and guns

from sweat and swears

from bloodshed and bloodlust?

When the skies tumbled into darkness

The wife, she said farewell,

She knew her songs were

(Once lush)

Now fruitless.

No nutrients

within it

To prevent or

mend her broken


She had a name she did;

R O M A N T I C I S M.

We might have shot her ourselves.

We didn’t see her

Get stuck

In the crossfire.

But she died all the same,

Without anyone looking,



She fell.

She wailed.

A whimper.

A last lingering blink.

Did you step over her?

Did you recognise your mother’s face?


(L I F E ,


the mother of passion




Yes, she was for


to love.

I bet you didn’t even blink.

We never fought against antagonists

We never fought against trojans

We never fought against terrors

We just