The labyrinth was

never victor-less.

But it was never victimless either;

( How many? )

Countless corpses

Mauled by just one


Was Daedalus a victim to?

Victim to the greed

Of a king?

Victim to one’s

own need to

Show off?

Or perhaps Minos

was done wrong too?

Victim to his own greed,

An accident to piss off Poseidon?

A colossal catastrophe

from such a simple circumstance?

Nobody saw coming…?


To use greed as an excuse is to bow down to


  • The agreement to be uncontrollable.

But I thought you prided yourself on self-control?

Prided yourself on being the human you were supposed to be?

Well, let us dilute this disillusion.

Greed is when survival has turned too sour,

(A pinch too much salt in the recipe)

When necessity turns to craving.




  • Noun     –

When you are unable to notice

That what you had was


Theseus looked down for his thread.

This was his need.

Daedalus looked up for his feathers.

This was his need.

Minos looked inward

(not out; up nor down) for an irrational reason.

This was his want.

Minos did not need the Cretan Bull

– he need only take a peek

inside himself.