Digital illustrations

04.09.21 + 09.09.21

Portraiture! Yay!! This is extremely hard!!! I’ve spent years trying to get better at this. The evidence is on my shelf – numerous sketchbooks filled primarily with portraits. You don’t get to see those, though. They are… not allowed to see the light of day. Only recently have I been able to consistently draw faces… decently? Even then, it’s so easy to nit-pick them. It’s something to do with how our brains are exceptional at recognising other human faces.

HOWEVER, these portraits in this post are my most recent attempts. My favourites are in the image above, where I stray away from trying to achieve a sense of realism. I play around with different organic and geometric shapes, which I think have created some unique aesthetics. Each of these sketches I spent maybe 30-60 minutes on. In the image on the right, I spent a bit longer on, applying some of the ideas in the above sketches.

Portraiture is something to toil away at. I’m not the greatest at it, but the years of working away at are at least showing some results.