Digital illustration with symmetry tool


Occasionally – as a treat – I use the symmetry tool in Procreate. The tool means if a draw on one side of the iPad, it mirrors it on the other.

This… in a way… feels like cheating. But not having to worry about how symmetrical a face looks is just so NICE.

Obviously, it’s not a great idea to frequently use this tool. If I did, my traditional drawings would look pretty wonky.

When I do use the tool, I have fun playing around with elegant wavy patterns, like in this portrait’s nose. Every time do one of these illustrations, the faces are extremely elongated. And I always notice way too late to fix it. So let’s just call it an artistic choice and move on.

And yes, this portrait is of a vampire. I’ve been reading Jay Kristoff’s new novel Empire of the Vampire, so I thought “why not”.